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Strong and Reputable Expertise

Amongst the strong and compelling features of Inkanyeli is that it comprises of young, dynamic team full of energy, enthusiasm and ideas with extensive construction and project management experience amongst the partners.

Managerial and Supervisory Competence

A team that has learned and gained supervisory and managerial competence and experience in large and small commercial, residential and industrial property developments as well as clear appreciation of challenges facing the established and emerging sectors of the industry in a fiercely competitive, transforming and increasingly globalized market and Projects conditions.

Honest and Dependable

Honesty is the yardstick of any organization, and Inkanyeli prides itself by adopting honesty as one of its core values and a principle it stands by amongst themselves and their clients.  Our team is committed to building sound relationships and trust with our clients.

Inkanyeli has a team that is reliable and dependable.  Clients are sure to get the best of both in their engagements with us.  Projects are executed effectively and on time.  Clients can rely on our services and expertise and depend on our ability to make their projects a success.