Construction Projects

The delivery arm of the business, with key focus on Residential, Building, Light Industrial and Civil Works. The entity has built a track record of delivery for over 8 years, with a team that is knowledgeable and has extensive supervisory and managerial competency in handling both large and small property developments. The team has a great appreciation of challenges facing the established and what it takes to operate in the emerging sectors of the industry which has become fiercely competitive in this ever transforming market.

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Property Development Projects

It is a property development, investment and delivery enterprise established to strategically place the Group as a key driver in the property sector. The company model is delivery driven, acting as a developer, a partner and/or investor as the need arises on the various property development projects, ranging from mix-use developments, commercial, retail and residential projects.

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Project Management Projects

Our Management approach is based on today’s economy where all businesses have incorporated Project Management as an integral part of their operational practices.

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